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Dr. Silvia Knoploch, M.D.


Dr. Knoploch is a Board Certified Physiatrist specializing in pain management. Dr. Knoploch graduated from medical school in Brazil in 1980. She completed her specialty training in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation in 1987 at Rusk Institute – New York University Medical Center. Dr. Knoploch has been affiliated with Norwalk Hospital in Norwalk, Connecticut since 1987 where she is a senior attending.

Dr. Knoploch’s philosophy of the treatment of pain is one used in Integrative Medicine where one combines the best of traditional and alternative methods for treating chronic and acute pain syndromes. These methods encompass rehabilitation therapies such as physical and occupational therapies, exercise programs, nutritional counseling, use of supplements and vitamins for general health and pain control, mind-body techniques and pharmacological management of pain.

Dr. Knoploch is the only physician in Norwalk, CT who is trained and has long experience with intra-thecal drug pumps.