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Spasticity Management – Botox


The term spasticity refers to a disorder of the central nervous system affecting the muscles involved with increase in involuntary tone. It typically occurs in patients following stroke, brain injury (trauma and other causes, e.g. anoxia, post-neurosurgery), spinal cord injury, multiple sclerosis and other disabling neurological diseases and cerebral palsy and may lead to painful contractures with further impairment of function and mobility.

The management of spasticity should be done by a multidisciplinary team involving the physiatrist, physical and /or occupational therapist and orthotists as braces may be necessary for control of abnormal tone.

The physicians at Rehabilitation Consultants have decades of experience in coordinating the care and utilizing treatment techniques that maximize tone control and improvement of function, such as Botox injections, phenol chemo-denervation and the use of intra-thecal delivery pumps.